Central Coast Rangelands Coalition Fall 2010 Membership Meeting

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Thursday, October 21, 2010
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Renz Family Ranch
Tres Pinos
Lunch will be provided

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Grey Hayes
(831) 274-8700



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Interested in helping to create vibrant human and ecological communities in and around the rangelands/grasslands on California's entral coast?

Twice a year, the Central Coast Rangelands Coalition convenes to explore how diverse minds can come together to create real, applied solutions to our rangeland needs.  Ranchers, scientists, conservationists, agencies, farmers, landowners, parks personnel, planners, water companies, and lots more attend each meeting to learn new things from one another.

This Fall 2010 meeting featured presentations on what science can tell managers (and vice versa) and how do livestock effect water quality.  The group also worked together to better refine how the Central Coast Rangeland Coalition can better integrate science and management, setting new directions for this powerful group.  Finally, the group visited with the Renz family and explore their experience with ranching on California's rangelands.

Documents and Publications

Contact List
We encourage participants to download the contact list to assist with arranging a rideshare or to get in contact with someone you met at the workshop. Those interested in sharing a ride to the event are marked on the contact list.

CCRC Fall 2010 RDM Monitoring Results
PDF, 1.7MB
NRCS, John Warner lead
October 21, 2010
Central Coast Rangeland Coalition Monitoring Program - Results of Online Surveys
PDF, 544KB
Gareth Fisher and Lynn Huntsinger, UC Berkeley (Data Analysis and Poster); Larry Ford and Grey Hayes (Survey and Data Collection)
Elkhorn Slough Coastal Training Program
October, 2010
Member Suggestions for the Central Coast Rangeland Coalition from Fall 2010 Membership Meeting
PDF, 159KB
CCRC Members at 2010 Fall Meeting
Grant Lyon, Elkhorn Slough Coastal Training Program
November 2010
Presentation: Water quality and rangeland management: a review of the scientific literature
PDF, 1.2MB
Lewis Reed
Central Coast Rangeland Coalition
October 2010


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